Dave Marsee — User Experience and Game Designer based in Seattle

Retail & E-Commerce

Not only do I thing through the UX work, but I also have done visual design and graphic design.

ForColdwater Creek, Harry & David, more RoleGraphic Designer / Visual Designer
Date1999 – 2008

The Giftlist project had over a dozen pages. Here is the drill-down from the previous one. I worked very closely with the development team to ensure dev costs were negligible. The ROI on this project was HUGE!

GIFTLIST: This project (where I did the IA, Usability and Design comps) brought in $3.8 Million over plan. We expected a 2% growth in customer use, and we had a 57% growth year-over-year. This was just in the first 2 months it was live!

I designed this sign and logo for a new line of Bath and Body products at Coldwater Creek.

I designed dozens of ads at Coldwater Creek, and produced many more for placement in magazines. Here is one.

One of the many signs I created at Coldwater Creek, in this case, a sale sign, intending to attract attention of a passerby. The "watermark image in the top right corner was inspired by an earring on sale.