Dave Marsee — User Experience and Game Designer based in Seattle


I love traditional graphic design. It’s what I studied in Art School. If you need someone who has used Photoshop daily since 1993, I’m your guy.

ForSynapticMash, City of Seattle, more RoleGraphic Designer
Date1999 – 2009

This logo is for a Learning Management System made by SynapticMash. I helped create the name, the brand concept, and I designed the logo.

I art-directed this logo for the Seattle Early Education Co-operative.

logo for an early portfolio website: Marseedesign.com

While on contract at LapLink, I designed many collateral projects, including packaging for their premier connectivity program.

This idea was for a restaurant where people are served food that "guys would make for themselves, if left to their own devices". The project includes: Duct-tape-bound menu, board game, signage, logo/brand, and all copywriting.