Dave Marsee — User Experience and Game Designer based in Seattle

Apple -- Signage


I was the project manager and created the brief (audience, feature priorities, location in the store) and managed the implementation (Design, copy, editing, production and shipment) of these signs to hundreds of stores.
In many cases, I was also the designer of these signs.

ForApple Retail RoleProject Manager

A concept I put together for Apple to introduce the iPod. The challenge was to describe what the product did, since it looked so different than current audio players. The key was to show the earbuds around the device.

I helped design this box, and worked closely with the illustrator to give the "X" that Aqua feeling.

Sign I designed for Apple stores. The Challenge was to make a promo, while not abandoning the Apple brand standards. I managed the design, copy, production and shipping in less than 4 hours.

I managed the design, copy, production and shipping of these signs for the then-new Apple stores.