Dave Marsee — User Experience and Game Designer based in Seattle

Game Design

Video Game for iOS, Mobile, Tablet, Xbox, and PC


Magic Duels is a game intended for the broadest possible audience. Not only people who already play the Magic paper game, but also curious passers-by. My responsibilities, in addition to creating the site maps, journey flows, and wireframes, was to create the New Player Experience, including tutorials.

ForWizards of the Coast RoleSenior UX Designer and Game Designer

This is an early draft of the game flow for the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This does not include many features slated to be added later (including: Collection, deck building, store, options, etc.)

Part of my responsibilities were to create wireframes for scenes across the application, including the Duel Scene. This Wireframe was to address the problem of some elements occulding the player’s view, and where they should go instead.

As part of Magic R&D’s research arm, I’ve authored multiple 100+ page books understanding the best practices (UX and otherwise) in the Digital Game space.

Magic Duels was built to appeal to three groups of players. I wrote personas for each, based on business objectives, and player research.

I designed Duels’s major new feature: the step-by-step tutorial system. By making each principle bite-sized, with illustrations, teaching effectiveness has dramatically improved.

This redesign of the deck selection screen was in response to usability studies. Understanding players' needs is paramount in my work. Their ability to understand and use the app takes a higher priority than any other concern.

The idea of vertically aligning attackers and blockers began with my work on Magic Online. Previously, combat was a mishmash of arrows, criss-crossing the battlefield.

Wireframe 1 of 30 of Magic Online’s extremely complex collection scene.